talman madsen

Instagram handle - @talman
Dogs name: Chester (my bro's dog, but we hang a lot!)
Fave mountain: Aoraki Mount Cook
Your favourite outdoor adventures: Photography, preferably somewhere devoid of human influence or interruption. Luckily New Zealand has so many awesome backcountry places to explore!
Must do adventure in NZ - Fiordland National Park, do your best to get beyond Milford Sound, there are so many more epic locations just waiting to be explored!

Things I've Done: Two years ago I quit my job to chase the dream of being a photographer after winning the New Zealand Geographic Young Photographer of the year award. Since then I've explored New Zealand many times over each time discovering and falling in love with something new. Nothing gets me more excited than a night under the stars somewhere remote surrounded by mountains. In 2017 my first Landscape Photography book was published - "Talman Madsen, New Zealand". It's a photographic journey from the top to the bottom of New Zealand that includes little snippets of text relating to the moments before, during, or after the shot was taken, it's a must for anyone looking to get the most out of their adventure through New Zealand!

Fave piece of kit from Further Faster: MONTANE FEATHERLITE DOWN JACKET, its lightweight and super warm!

Any Fun facts: My favourite light of the day is sunrise (despite being a night owl), my favourite road to drive is the entire West Coast, I survived being pursued by a large male