Point 6 Socks

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The Best wool socks in the world its a big call but in Point 6 case its a fair one. I have been using and abusing these socks trying to destroy them but they just wont die. Have a read about the differences 



The Point 6 Difference           

POINT6 USES THE HIGHEST QUALITY MERINO wool fibers combined with state of the art spinning and knitting techniques to create exceptionally soft merino products built for optimal comfort and performance.


 USING 100-PERCENT COMPACT SPUN YARN produces more merino fibers per inch and creates a luxuriously soft end result that is never scratchy, itchy or bulky. Compact spun yarns are the most durable merino wool yarns on the market that greatly reduce the loose fibers that lead to pilling and wear. Point6 has engineered the precise anatomical fit for sport-specific products that are comfortable and itch-free without bulk. Not all merino socks are made this way and it does make a difference regarding durability like I said before its hard to wear these out.


NOT ALL MERINO IS CREATED EQUAL.  Just because it says merino, doesn't mean it's superior Point6 quality merino.  Wool is mother nature's miracle fiber and no laboratory has been able to create a synthetic fiber that can match up to its inherent natural properties.  There is a huge range of quality of merino wool, with specific fiber specs including micron (fiber diameter), length of fiber, percentage of fibers outside the desired micron count (coefficient of variance), whiteness, and strength.  The Point6 team has spent over 20 years producing merino wool products and we have the expertise to select only the best fibers with very tight specifications.  The result is high performance merino wool whose quality, durability and comfort is unmatched. All the Point 6 merino is sourced form NZ stations and they only pick the best .

THE HYDROPHILIC AND HYDROPHOBIC properties of Point6 merino work together to maintain a complex moisture-management system. The hydrophilic core of the merino fiber can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture, while the hyrdrophobic properties naturally wicks moisture away from the skin and transports it as vapor, before it has time to bead up on the surface. Unlike cotton or synthetics, merino fiber removes perspiration between the skin and garment, and maintains its thermal properties even when wet.

Our merino wool socks won't leave you embarrassed to take your shoes off after a long day. Point6 merino is anti-microbial and proven to be more odor-resistant than cotton or synthetic fabrics. Point6 merino helps manage excess perspiration by quickly transporting it away from your skin, allowing it to evaporate before it can grow odorous.