Mountains, but from a different perspective.

Ryan Paddling west coast NZ


The mountains are a special place and in New Zealand and we are spoilt for choice with so many around...

The best news is that it is all becoming so much more accessible with the new equipment, the ability to research and find out more information and also the amount of track and walkways to reach our mountains easier. In saying that though there is always going to be a place or peak that is harder to get to than the last, taller steeper or just more remote, and that challenge is all up to you your limitations and what you are wanting from the experience.

Ryan paddling in the gorge

One thing I am thankful for though is being able to get into those hard to reach almost inaccessible areas. Through whitewater kayaking I get to see all sorts of views and experience the mountains in a variety of ways, from helicopter flights up the valleys, to hiking over saddles along ridges and up some very steep cliffs to the top of a river and then getting to experience some of the deepest and most hidden gorges guarded by amazing class 5 white water rapids and large cascading waterfalls. 

white water kayaking new zealand

While these almost untouched places are amazing I can not get enough of being out and about in nature no matter how hard or easy it is to get there, everywhere can be just as stunning and different as the next, even the same place can vary from day to day, with sunrises, sunsets, rain, snow or sun every where is special in its own unique way and just as if not more beautiful than the last time you were there so no excuses not to go just because it isn’t as sunny and warm or dry as last time!

Written by Ryan 'Always on the Water' O'Connor.