Menopause, Adventures, and Training with Karen Muller

Karen muller menopause and training talk

Women's only event, all about Menopause and Training for adventures!

Training through Menopause... Are you heading towards, or going through the changes menopause brings to your body? 

When our hormones change we often find that we don't respond to training as well.

Can you relate to: 

"My training isn’t working any more"

"I'm not putting on lean mass" 

"I’m not recovering like I used to"

"I feel squishy"

"I'm slow..." 

Saying yes to any of these? It's could be time to make some changes, to get your body back into shape, and take control of the changes your body is making.

Karen Muller is coming to the shop to give a talk on how to change up your training to work with your physiology and menopause. To help you keep lean, fast, competitive and out on adventures for longer.

When: Wednesday 7th October

Where: Further Faster, 57a Buchan St, Sydenham

Tickets: $10 + Booking fee, with all profits going to a local charity of Karens choice.

Time: 6.15 pm for a 6.30 pm start! 

Tickets available exclusively from Humanitix.