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Ruffwear Dog Boots

You want to keep your dogs paws covered them they are outside in the great outdoors with you then have a look at the Ruffwear dog boot collection.

There are 3 to choose from which all work a little differently                                                                  


This is a great little boot with a mesh upper and a super hardwearing Vibram Sole. This is the best boot if you intend to be running or biking with your dog due to how  hardwearing the sole is .

Summit Trex

This one is a little bit lighter and is suited for more general walking .

Polar Tex

As the name suggests if you are out in the snow then this is the boot to use . It has a specific vibram sole unit suited to ice and snow and have a soft shell upper thats been treated to be water resistant.

Bark n Boot liners

Lets not forget socks you wear them with boots so why not your dog? They make putting the boots on a whole lot easier as well.