How to write a blog post 101

So you want to write a fun blog post? One that is engaging and easy read? And most of all, easy for google to find AND share worthy?

Well you have come to the right place! (Heading 3 Formatting, dont worry, we add that in last when we upload the blog)


Kea the dog and robin on top of a mountain
Photos should be eye catching and original, with a brief caption below! Name them descriptivly, and put the photo name here, so we know which one to pop where when we load the blog. For example this one is named picture_7_robin_and_kea_enjoying_the_views.jpeg


How to start? The Banner Photo needs to be horizontal and able to fit 1159 pix x 500 pix, and look inspiring! Then write an introduction, what is it that you are going to help people with. What is the problem? Writing a blog can be really hard if you haven't done it before, as condesnsing all the information into only a few short paragraphs is tough! Here we will show a 5 ways you can write a blog with ease!


becky in the shop with her running pack
Here is Becky modelling a pack that we used in a blog to help people choose gear for adventure racing.


First of all, tell a story like you are telling your mates. Remember, the people who read this, are the same people you are going to meet on the trail, paddling on the river, climbing at the wall and ultimately shopping in the store. These are real people, so have a real conversation, have a laugh and tell a joke!


Secondly, everyone is looking for a different answer, so what is best for one person is not the best for others, so give people a good rational and context for what you are trying to teach or help them with. This blog here is going to be great for our team who want to reach out and start a conversation about gear. It is easy to read, not too technical (we can add a link to the real nerdy stuff on a product page) and answers a simple question, such as, 'How do I write a blog post?'


paddling in a packraft nz
Senka looking for answers on how to write a blog post while paddling... we can get inspired anywhere!


Third. If you are struggling to find a way to share some really tedious technical knowledge - turn it into something fun! How about writing it from the POV of Badger? Or asking the team for their favourite things or top tips and adding quotes and images. Another great tool is to use sports as the base line and adding gear to that... keep reading below for more on that one!


which shoes are best for muddy trail running
If you are struggling for images, you can some times good free ones online at


How can you make a blog post on shoe treads interesting... I mean it is just rubber on soles!?! Sounds boring I know... but people want to know, and we want them to enjoy learning about it... so why not try something like this:


"Road to Trail Running- try a less grippy but harder wearing sole like etc... Add a quote from a team member... a photo of them using them...  some key words and hyperlinks..."


"Muddy Trails - get the big lugs out! These shoes are one of the best for running in mud because ... ect... find a fun muddy photo (Video even better, we can go and take some after lock down)... add some keywords and  hyperlinks"...


You get the idea eh!


google key words
Use keywords to be found by google, but use in context :)


Fourth part of the equation: You need to use keywords! The best blogs out there rank really high for keywords BUT they must be used in context. Google will penalise you if you just stuff them in for no reason... so mean!


Google Rich Snippet
When you do the mahi, google rewards!


Fifth and final part of the equation: Google Rich Snippet!
1. Here you want to summarise what is in your blog and SOLVE a problem. We did this by writing a blog with an introduction with an issue people relate to and telling them that we would help find a solution for them.
2. We use language that was easy to read and helped spark a conversation. These are real people, who we will meet, who are reading this!
3. Find a fun way or telling your story and fixing the problem, other wise readers will click away with out even making one scroll down the page.
4. Find the keywords you need to use, and use them in context! Dont forget to add hyperlinks
5. Make sure it is original content! It will be tested by a plagiarism checker... hence why your voice and personal expert knowledge is so important!
6. The google Snippet! Add it at the end.


Then finish with a conclusion, today I will remind you about adding the photos in a separate folder so they are easy to upload to the blog online. And finally, don't forget a call to action! My CTA to you is to go and try it! We can't wait to read your master pieces, I know how much you all love chatting about your adventures, so now is the time to put that chat into the keyboard!


Written by blog lover, Julz.

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